Welcome to K2 Analytics!

K2-Analytics Finishing School (K2) is a finishing school focussed on Analytics and Business Intelligence. At K2, we provide knowledge and analytical skills to individuals that contribute to the advancement and growth of their career. We strive to provide value based training that will empower individuals become successful in their life.

The training program is well crafted to provide in-depth understanding of Business, Technology, and Corporate Leadership. The training modules are developed by professionals who have been in the Business Intelligence and Analytics space for more than a decade and have been part and parcel of the growth of analytics industry in India since its early days. Our training makes one skilled enough to effectively use various tools and techniques, develop an analytical and logical perspective in evaluating business problems, and the confidence to make sound business decisions.

Our Vision

“To be the preferred partner for training and skill development”

Our Mission

“To provide training and skill development courses to individuals, make them skilled & industry ready, and create a pool of skilled resources readily available for the industry”
We bring value addition to your career through a number of programs that can take you upto speed on the fast growing Analytics industry.