Prakhar Agarwal (PMP) Prakhar Agarwal (PMP), on 20-Nov-17
Project Manager at L&T Infotech
Being from Non-technical background, it was bit difficult to upgrade your skills into Data science. Rajesh from K2 analytics had made it bit easy for me. Rajesh is a seasoned banking professional with rich experience in analytics world. I’m grateful to say that I did data science course in R programming from K2 analytics and appreciate his scientific teaching approach which helped me to visualize the data and get in-depth insight. I wish him all the luck and appreciate his efforts to contribute his experience to make successful data analyst and data scientist.
Ritika Agarwal Ritika Agarwal, on 20-Aug-17
Business Analyst and Technical Lead, IBM
Thank you so much Rajesh sir for your nice teaching. I've learned a lot from Retail Banking Analytics and Data Mining course. I do appreciate a lot that you've given us a clear and intelligible introduction to machine learning, which is quite important for new hands. Very thorough, ground-up, explanation of the topics and the underlying algorithms.
Parul Oberai Parul Oberai, on 21-Jul-17
Engagement Manager at Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions
Rajesh sir has great industry experience and training skills on analytics. I have attended both the data mining/science trainings and Retail banking courses on K2 Analytics, and they have been immensely helpful in my growth in this field. I would like to thank him for all his guidance.
Faiz Saleem Khan Faiz Saleem Khan, on 11-Jun-17
Business Analyst, Exponential Interactive
I am immensely thankful to K2 Analytics for providing the training program which helped me kickstart and prepare myself for the industry. Data Science is an ocean; only clear understanding of the fundamental concept and right learning approach will allow you to sail through it comfortably. 15 plus years of industry experience differentiates Rajesh from any other trainers in this field. He has a unique way of explaining and visualizing the complex topic with ease. I wish K2 Analytics and Rajesh the very best for all future endeavours
Ajay Kelkar Ajay Kelkar, on 28-Apr-16
COO, Hansa Cequity, Mumbai
Rajesh is a great exponent of Analytics techniques in banking & also other domains. I have seen him working very closely & appreciate his very good understanding of banking data & how to make meaning out it to help a bank create strong cross & upsell programs & strategic understanding of card portfolios. It is rare to find someone who operates well at the intersection point of Technology, Analytics & Business Domain Competence. And to top it all he is a great teacher
Kreshnaa Raam Kreshnaa Raam, on 05-Mar-15
PGCBA from SSN-SACE, Business Analyst at Hansa Cequity
The trainings by K2 Analytics were interesting, academically stimulating, and applied to real-world case studies which is extremely useful. The domain knowledge imparted by the Mr. Rajesh were very helpful in getting along with the industry best practices. The R tool was taught so lucidly that I, with a non-Computer Science background, was able to create and publish an R package in CRAN repository. I am also thankful for the career guidance and investment ideas given alongside the training
Varun Sakinala Varun Sakinala, on 02-Mar-15
DoMS NIT, Trichy
Got hands-on experience on 'R', interpretation of the output was explained very well, new techniques for variable reduction were introduced, and case study was dealt in structured manner explaining the different steps involved in data mining which helped me to have clear understanding about the things.
Cibilian Cibilian, on 01-Mar-15
DoMS NIT, Trichy
Case study way of teaching with real life kind of data helped me to improve my thought process, even though I was new to 'R' tool. I was able to understand the concepts very clearly, moreover session was very interactive.
Preethi R Preethi R, on 12-Dec-14
HCL Healthcare Analytics Team
The training material provided was a step by step guide which was easy to follow and covered concepts from basics to slightly advanced R fundamentals. The trainer, Mr. Rajesh Jakhotia was knowledgeable, swift and clear in his approach which enabled a lot of essentials being learnt in a short period of time.
Disa Rastogi Disa Rastogi, on 03-Jan-14
N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research Associate Process Manager at eClerx
A top quality short course on Business Analytics from K2 Analytics that introduces one to the Data Analytics Industry. The course is designed in such a way that one gets to know the key concepts as well as gets a practical view of it. I would definitely recommend this programme with K2 Analytics.
CH N K Chaitanya CH N K Chaitanya, on 01-Jan-14
DoMS NIT, Trichy
The analytics workshop conducted by K2 Analytics helped me to get better understanding about the techniques, how to handle issues during processing of data. The session was very interactive and the material given very useful for future reference.
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